Vol.1, 2008 (Inauguration issue)

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  ISSN 1906-4063

International Journal of Applied Biomedical Engineering

Vol.1, No.1, July - December 2008
Editorial Board
Page(s): i
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Inaugural Issue of International Journal of Applied Biomedical Engineering: Editorial Message
Authors: S. Janjarasjitt
Page(s): ii
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Message from the Editor-in-Chief
Authors: C. Pintavirooj
Page(s): iii
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In Vitro 3-D Measurement of Tissue Viscoelasticity by Ultrasound
Authors: T. Shiina
Page(s): 1-6
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Biomechanics at Macro to Nano-scale Levels
Authors: J. C.H. GohandC.H. Yeow
Page(s): 7-13
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Virtual Reality as Human Interface and Its Application to Medical Ultrasonic Diagnosis
Authors: K. Hamamoto
Page(s): 14-19
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Optimization of Right Ventricular Conductance Catheter Configurations Using Finite Element Modeling and Direct Search Algorithms
Authors: C. Thaijiam and T. J. Gale
Page(s): 20-26
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Improve 3-D Visualization from Radiograph for C-Arm X-Ray Apparatus Using SART
Authors: C. Pintavirooj and M. Sangworasil
Page(s): 27-33
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Ultrasonic Diffraction Tomography
Authors: C. Pintavirooj and M. Sangworasil
Page(s): 34-40
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Low Cost and Portable PCR Thermoelectric Cycle
Authors: T. Pogfai, K. Wong-ek, S. Mongpraneet, A. Wisitsoraatand A. Tuantranont
Page(s): 41-45
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Implementation of Vital Signs Monitoring System Using Wireless Networks
Authors: S. Noimanee and S. Wattanasirichaigoon
Page(s): 44-48
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Multi-channel Flexible Local Discriminant Bases for Classification of Left/Right Finger Movement Imagery Related EEG
Authors: Y. Wongsawat and S. Oraintara
Page(s): 53-60
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Patellofemoral Joint Instability: A Biomechanical Study
Authors: W. Senavongse and S. Tantisatirapong
Page(s): 61-64
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