ISSN 1906-4063

International Journal of Applied Biomedical Engineering

Vol.6, No.1, January - December 2013

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Statistical Thermodynamics Approach to Urinary Analysis Employing Micro-Canonical Ensemble
Authors: C.H. Achebe C.H., J.L. Chukwuneke, P.C. Okolie and U.C. Okonkwo
Page(s): 1-5
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Comparison of Maximum Likelihood and Time Frequency Approaches for Time Varying Delay Estimation in the case of Electromyography Signals
Authors: G.T. Luu, P. Ravier and O. Butteli
Page(s): 6-11
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Design of a High Frequency Equal Width Annular Array Transducer for Medical Imaging
Authors: Y. Qian and N. R. Harris
Page(s): 12-16
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Volterra Frequency Response Functions Analysis of Subharmonic Oscillations from Bubble
Authors:C. Samakee and P. Phukpattarannout
Page(s): 17-25
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Development of High Speed 3D Tomographic Microscope for Non-Invasive Monitoring of Biological Samples
Authors: P. Meemon
Page(s): 26-31
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Acquisition and Analysis of Human Carotid Pulse Waveforms during Tilt Table Maneuvers
Authors: S. Vashisth, M. Khan, R. Vijay, A. K. Salhan
Page(s): 32-39
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Concept and Microarchitecture of a Streaming Processor Specialized for Biomeditronic and Adaptronic Applications
Authors: F. A. Samman and S. Pongyupinpanich
Page(s): 40-46
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Low-Power Reconfigurable Computing for Biomedical Signal Processing
Authors: F. Philipp and M. Glesner
Page(s): 47-55
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Text Encryption and Decryption of DICOM File Header using Jerk Chaotic Attractor
Authors: A. Leelasantitham and S. Kiattisin
Page(s): 56-63
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