ISSN 1906-4063

International Journal of Applied Biomedical Engineering

Vol.2, No.1, January - June 2009
Editorial Board
Page(s): i
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Message from the Editor-in-chief
Authors: C. Pintavirooj
Page(s): iii
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Message from the Guest Editor
Authors: S. Choomchuay
Page(s): iv
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Biohybrid Visual Prosthesis for Restoring Blindness
Authors: T. Yagi
Page(s): 1-5
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2D Affine Invariant Fiducial Points and Affine Absolute Invariants for Shape Matching under Affine and Weak Perspective Transformations
Authors: Fernand S. Cohen and C. Pintavirooj
Page(s): 6-16
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Photoacoustic Generation Mechanisms and Measurement Systems for Biomedical Applications (Reviewed Paper)
Authors: S. Boonsang
Page(s): 7-16
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Lipoprotein Sensor: A Piezoelectric Quartz Crystal Device (Reviewed Paper)
Authors: S. Chunta, C. Cherdchu, and C. Promptmas
Page(s): 24-32
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Finite Element Analyses for a Study of Hepatic Cancer Tissue Destruction using Monopolar and Bipolar Radio-Frequency Ablation
Authors: S. Tangjitkusolmun
Page(s): 33-38
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Directivity Pattern Measurement of Ultrasound Transducers
Authors: S. Umchid
Page(s): 39-43
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A Wavelet-based Factor for Classification of Heart Sounds with Mitral Regurgitation
Authors: C. Bunluechokchai and W. Ussawawongaraya
Page(s): 44-48
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Reliability of the Universal and Invented Gravity Goniometers in Measuring Active Cervical Range of Motion in Normal Healthy Subject
Authors: A. Yankai and P. Manosan
Page(s): 49-53
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Medical Knowledge-Based System for Diagnosis from Symptoms and Signs
Authors: W. Wiriyasuttiwong and W. Narkbuakaew
Page(s): 54-59
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Coordination Model for Medical Diagnosis
Authors: A. Aguilera and A. Subero
Page(s): 60-68
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Computer-Aided System for Microscopic Images: Application to Breast Cancer Nuclei Counting
Authors: P. Phukpattaranont, S. Limsiroratana, and P. Boonyaphiphat
Page(s): 69-74
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