ISSN 1906-4063

International Journal of Applied Biomedical Engineering

Vol.8, No.1, January - December 2015

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Message from the Editor-in-chief
Review of Optical MEMS Devices
Authors: W. Piyawattanametha
Page(s): 1-9
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Numerical Simulation of a Biventricular Assist Device with Pulsatile Control Operation for Bridge to Recovery
Authors: R. Deepankaew, A. Plianchaisuk and P. Naiyanetr
Page(s): 10-16
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Wavelet and Fourier Transform Analysis of ECG Signals in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients with Hyperparathyroidism
Authors: P. Woraratsoontorn, C. Bunluechokchai, W. Rattanawong, and W. Ussawawongaraya
Page(s): 17-21
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Investigation of Orifice Compliance Effects on Steady-State Pressure Gradient in Replacement Heart Valves
Authors: Kevin R. Anderson
Page(s): 22-28
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Implement of Medical Application Over High Speed Wireless Broadband Network System in Thailand
Authors: S. Noimanee, W. Senavongse, S. Tantisatirapong and K. Noimanee
Page(s): 29-38
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Automatic Leukocyte Classification
Authors: P. Suapang and S. Chivaprecha
Page(s): 39-46
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The Design and Implementation of the Electrotherapeutic Device for Blood Viscosity Attenuation
Authors: S. Pongyupinpanich
Page(s): 47-51
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