ISSN 1906-4063

International Journal of Applied Biomedical Engineering

Vol.7, No.1, January - December 2014

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Modified Mathematical Model for Malaria Control
Authors: A.O. Muhammed and P.E. Orukpe
Page(s): 1-10
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Cardiology Diagnostic Tests Using Pressure-Volume Conductance Catheterization techniques
Authors: C. Thaijiam, S. Sawangkoon, A. Kijtawornrat, S. Chuthatep, W. Jeamsaksiri, K. Saejok, C. Hruanun and A. Poyai
Page(s): 11-20
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NN-based MPC for Heat Exchanger System in Hard Chrome Electroplating
Authors: P. Kittisupakorn, E. Nueaklong and W. Daosud
Page(s): 21-28
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Dynamic Causal Model of FMRI Images for Early Detection in People at Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
Authors: R. Keerativittatayut, B. Kaewkamnerdpong, J. Laothamatas, O. Tritanon and W. Sungkarat
Page(s): 29-39
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The Estimation of Renal Function with 99mTc-DTPA and 99mTc-MAG3
Authors: P. Suapang and S. Yimman
Page(s): 40-47
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The System for Mammographic Density Classification
Authors: P. Suapang and S. Yimman
Page(s): 48-57
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Thermal Necrosis - Experimental Investigation on Thermal Exposure during bone Drilling Process
Authors: T.N. Ajish and P. Govindan
Page(s): 58-60
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Assessment of Mobile Lipids with 1H-NMR Spectroscopy in Enriched CD34+ Human Peripheral Blood Stem cells/Progenitor Cells after Exposure to Polyenergetic Medical Diagnostic X-rays
Authors: M. Tungjai and N. Dechsupa
Page(s): 61-65
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Efficient Use of Bi-orthogonal Wavelet Transform for Cardiac Signals
Authors: A. Sharma
Page(s): 66-70
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A Real-Time Arm Trajectory Measurement using Gyroscope-based Wrist Band for Rehabilitation
Authors: W. San-Um, S. Lertsarunyapong, and S. Kiattisin
Page(s): 71-74
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