ISSN 1906-4063

International Journal of Applied Biomedical Engineering

Vol.3, No.1, January - December 2010
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Page(s): ii
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Message from the Editor-in-chief
Page(s): iii
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Biological Inspiration for Mechanical Design and Control of Autonomous Walking Robots: Towards Life-Like Robots
Authors: P. Manoonpong, F. Wörgötter and F. Pasemann
Page(s): 1-12
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Wheelchair Control Based on Bio-impedance
Authors: H.Yunfei, P. Phukpattaranont, B. Wongkittisuksa and S. Tanthanuch
Page(s): 13-18
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Classification of the Epileptic EEGs Using the Wavelet-Based Scale Variance Feature
Authors: S. Janjarasjitt
Page(s): 19-25
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Discrete Wavelet Transform-based Baseline Wandering Removal for High Resolution Electrocardiogram
Authors: C. Bunluechokchai and T. Leeudomwong
Page(s): 26-31
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Header Format for Selective Mapping Technique on Wavelet based ECG Compression
Authors: Y.Chompusri, K. Dejhan and S. Yimman
Page(s): 32-38
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Pattern Recognition in Brain FMRI for Agnosia
Authors: P. Pongpanitanont, W. Sittiprapaporn and W. Charoensuk
Page(s): 39-44
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Fine Exudate Detection using Morphological Reconstruction Enhancement
Authors: A. Sopharak, B. Uyyanonvara, S. Barman, S. Vongkittirux, and N. Wongkamchang
Page(s): 45-50
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Medical Consult-Based System for Diagnosis on WiMAX Tchnology
Authors: K.Noimanee, S.Noimanee, P.Khunja and P.Keawfoonrungsie
Page(s): 51-55
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